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Course content was very helpful for a health care professional moving from a community setting to more acute health care. After the course I am feeling much more confident about the management of various life threatening conditions.

The instructions, Rick, was fantastic! Great at breaking down complex physiological processes and providing a structured process to manage traumatic injuries. Lots of great examples from his career, very personal, and provided simulations that helped bring it all together in a realistic way (without being intimidating)!

Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) -BLENDED
Svetlana Cakarevic (Perth, CA)

Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) -BLENDED

Great instructor!

This company does does great work. Very thorough and friend.

BLS Course

Excellent course delivery.

Great learning environment that encourages its students to want to learn and grow. Comfortable chairs and desks for the students. Equipment well cared for and organized. The agenda was well explained, there was time for questions, all questions were answered big or small.

The instructor did everything right. This was the best class. He explained everything clearly and I understood everything. Wake up this morning remembering what he thought us in class. He did an amazing job he was very kind to us and patient with us all. I will recommend friends and family to the First aids plus. And I will for sure come back again.

Engaging with the students and making sure we were following along. No areas of improvement, one of the best instructors I have ever had!!

Instructor was very flexible based on the type of attendance

Colin was amazing! Very skilled and has a clear understanding of the PALS material. He was able to demonstrate how the theory relates to real life. Hearing his experiences helped solidify knowledge. He gave clear feedback after the mega codes and identified areas of improvement. Couldn't recommend more. Thank you!

Please keep this training experience and the students will always leave with maximum knowledge th...

Instructor Did extremely well in hands on training approach he let us do CPR over and over on dummy adult and baby dummy so that way he insured we new what to do from beginning to the end of each case .

Levity, life experience and expanding beyond the expected or required knowledge base to provide additional insight on the “why” of certain physiological phenomena. It was great, and I learned a lot.

Stop The Bleed
Remi Thiverge

The instructor delivered information in a clear manner using terms appropriate for the training audience. Good use of examples, experiences, and humour to keep everyone engaged. Answered all questions thoroughly and professionally. I will be recommending the Stop the Bleed course to all my coworkers, family, and friends. I am also looking forward to taking more training with First Aid Plus.

Great job and getting the message across! Great communication skills. Would definitely do again!

Pet First Aid course

Instructor was open to discussion and new information.

Basic Life Support (BLS)
Mackenzie Weedmark
Basic Life Support (BLS)

Jeffrey was really fun to work with and was extremely knowledgeable in the material. I really liked how he made things comical while explaining what could be a really serious situation. He was really engaging which I loved!

Pet First Aid course

He was patient and made sure to take care of housekeeping items at the beginning. Informed us a few times if he didn't know the answer to one of our questions, he would note it and find out.
Every pet owner should seriously consider taking this course. Especially if you have dogs and/or cats. Knowing what to do in case of an emergency is priceless!

He was very patient in reviewing the concepts that I had difficulties with and provided recommendations on how to improve.

Standard First Aid (SFA)

I did the standard first aid and cpr c yesterday. Crystal was absolutely AMAZING!!! She answered every single question anyone had even if it wasn’t quite on topic she still take the time to make sure everyone’s questions were answered and everyone understood. She went around to everyone to make sure they knew what they were doing with the dummies and even took time to show each person individually. She was amazing and I LOVED her personality, I can’t lie I was bummed out I had to take the course for work and kinda of felt like it was a “waste of a Saturday” but crystal changed my mind very fast. Just her positive attitude about the course made me feel positive about it too. I’ve had other teachers in the past who you could tell weren’t that excited to teach it so it made me feel the same way but crystal being so passionate about it I felt feeling very happy I did the class and feel way more confident leaving her class than times I’ve taken cpr in the past.

Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) Course

Thank you for providing a safe teaching environment and applying Public Health sanitary measures during this pandemic. (Instructor Dr. Elaine Z. Galicia-Connolly) Calm, composed, she did particularly well in alleviating stressors and providing a class environment conducive to learning.

Emergency First Aid (EFA)

No concerns. Excellent experience. Had no fear of COVID and spacing prior to arrival. If someone did, they would be pleased with layout. Someone was able to answer my calls regarding class choice, even on a weekend. Great having food/drinks in the small kitchen ( some for a small fee). No way to improve. Very professionally done, clean/bright space, and Crystal imparted material very well, was fun and enthusiastic! Thanks!

Stop The Bleed

I really appreciated the extra time the instructors took at the end of the stop the bleed class to show me the CPR compression’s and the percentage that I got to reassure me that when I had to preform CPR on someone recently that I was doing it correctly and the support they gave me.

International Trauma Life Support (ITLS)

Excellent application of adult learning theory. Great use of practical examples. Incorporated and respected previous experiences of participants. Made for a smooth and fast paced course rather than a ‘death by power point’ approach. Would love to see this format replicated at future courses. The focus on skill station and application of trauma surveys made an enjoyable and practical course.

Standard First Aid (SFA)

YOU ARE AMAZING!!! Having been a teacher for 46 years, I recognize a unique and superior teacher when I see one, and Stan is one of those rare, natural, awesome teachers. How he imparted so much information in one training session, and kept us ( a decidedly rather senior audience) captivated and engaged audience for over 8 hours is an amazement. We so appreciate the superior first aid/CPR training that 31 of our active members now have. We can now go out on our nature walks, day paddling trips and camping trips with more confidence that we have trained First Aid people that are on these activities.

Standard First Aid (Recertification)

I just wanted to say a big thanks to Crystal for being a great instructor, for being so passionate, for being so supportive and for caring for the students and training them. Thank you for allowing us to question without judging for giving us the time we need to understand things and for caring about both what you’re teaching and how you teach it. Thank you so much for making the CPR course super fun! I learned a lot and benefited from your course!
Again, thank you so much for your time and patience and for facilitating such a positive learning environment! You definitively love to teach. I really enjoyed this class I will remember those forever!

Standard First Aid (SFA)

I just finished your CPR course that Stan gave to us over the weekend. As a tow truck driver we often end up on first on scene. Sometimes accidents can have people in need of medical attention. Before this course, I had no clue what to do. Now that I have taken your training, I can arrive on scene take control with confidence and help out anyone in need and give them a better fighting chance until other help arrives. I believe everyone should take this course. If one day, I save one persons life because of your course. It was worth it. Thanks again.