Are You Equipped with a First Aid Kit For Your Car? What You Should Always Have On Hand To Be Road Trip Ready for 2021

Do you think that it’s more important now to have a First Aid Kit for your car? As we see our world slowly shift back towards our pre-pandemic life, we are without a doubt looking forward to doing everything that we have not been able to do for a while. We are beginning to think about everything we want to do this summer with a new appreciation and total excitement. We are excited to travel anywhere! It doesn’t matter where; just somewhere! Socialize with friends or anyone! This summer will undoubtedly include all of the Covid-delayed weddings, so prepare to attend a few more than usual as well as the family gatherings that I’m sure that even your long-lost cousin will come out for.

The reality is that we will be back out into the world, and we all want to make up for time lost. More people out will bring more vehicles on the road, and we want to make sure that if you are even caught in an emergency, you are prepared and can take action until help arrives.

Some medical emergencies and injuries can happen while driving, so being first-aid prepared on the road extends further from being in a car accident to being stranded, have an injured passenger, or even have an accidental injury simply by getting in or out of your vehicle. Other than car accidents, the most common injuries happen when the car is parked, anywhere.

The best way to motivate and show you the importance of first-aid car safety is by looking at situations that others were caught up in and learn from them. We take a look at what they did right and, of course, what we should never repeat. Growing up in the 90’s we would watch Rescue-911, re-enacting real-life emergencies. Each episode would show us a crisis which either helped prepare us if we were to be in a similar situation or instill fear, knowing that there were countless ways to injure ourselves! Being a kid and boy scout, I was more on the fear side with an underlying understanding that being prepared can save lives.

Getting stranded isn’t something that we think of often, but it can happen. If you get caught in a cold climate, there are obvious dangers, but being stranded in high-heat is just as dangerous. In 2017, a man in his mid 50 took a day trip out to a ghost town about 100km outside of Phoenix, AZ, and decided to take a more scenic route home.

He led down a narrow and unpaved road that eventually damaged his car, which leaked fluid and broke down. He realized he was in big trouble when he realized there was no cell service and in the middle of nowhere. All he had with him was a spoiled sandwich, a few crackers, and some Micky Malts Liquor. He was so thirsty that he decided to drink his own urine, which at 95% water, is safe to drink, to a certain point, with the remaining 5% containing various waste products, including nitrogen and potassium. Too much can cause significant issues. He eventually found a stream, fired bullets in the air, and wrote H on the ground with rocks, without any success. After three days of wandering in the scorching sun, he encountered a dirt biker who brought him to safety.

Even when you planned only a short day trip, bring non-perishable food, and be sure to pack a first aid kit for your car. You never know when a surprising turn of events can place you in a life-threatening situation, especially when you have lost communication. Our selection of First Aid Kits is recommended for your home and car. Keep one in your vehicle at all times to be as possible to take action on injuries as minor as a child who scraped their knee in parking lots to an accident where medical attention is needed until medical help arrives. We offer First Aid Training to amplify your knowledge with hands-on guidance on what to do in various types of emergencies.

Stay Safe Out There This Year!