Fundraising with First Aid Kits

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Fundraising Excellence: First Aid Kits for Safety and Profit

  • Key Advantages: More Profit, No Minimum Orders, Free Shipping

  • Quality Products Without the Hassle

Our first aid kits offer unparalleled advantages compared to traditional fundraisers like chocolate bars. Enjoy a remarkable profit margin of 40% or more, making it a lucrative choice for your cause. The practicality and usefulness of these kits make them easy to sell, ensuring they are not just purchases but thoughtful gifts for your supporters. 

Fundraise a different way with First Aid Plus!

For many groups like yours, fundraising may be something you need to do, but not necessarily what you want to do.
Here is a healthier alternative to help support good causes within your community.
Our kits are proudly assembled here in Ottawa!

Start Your Profitable Fundraiser Today! Quality Products and Free Shipping on $1000+ Orders!

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