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The First Aid Course Every Parent Should Take

Over the course of the last year, we have all needed to adapt to the drastic changes to help reduce the risk of infection and decrease the spread of COVID-19. The focus has been to keep ourselves healthy and our family members safe. Would taking a First Aid Course to relate to the level of safety you want in your home make sense? You bet! We will tell you why.

With the spring and summer months that were normally planned around beach days, patio lunches and family BBQs were now replaced with yet another Netflix night with the family with the possibility of visiting Grandma through her living room window, not at all like last year.

Although we are now seeing our kids back in school and parents returning to work, some with new remote options, a major shift has taken place that focuses on keeping up the same first aid care at home that kids would receive at school, or you would receive at work. Both of which have first aid supplies available with people who have been designated as the ones who know exactly what to do in an emergency, unlike most households.

To top it off, a school in Ontario was forced to close for 2 weeks, not because of an outbreak, but because too many staff members were in isolation from a possible exposure that left the school without enough staff to open. This unexpected surprise meant the kids at that school would be home for 2 weeks.

Recent reports have shown an increase in injuries at home such as broken bones, burns, and cuts. It only makes sense that being at home more and doing more activities at home would result in an increased injury rate.New Christmas Masks

There are of course many preventative measures we can take to stop anyone from injuring themselves, but there are still accidents from time to time, even when we think we are being safe.

Here’s the deal, we cut a finger on a freshly opened can lid, reach for a pot on the stove, forgetting that the handle is hot, or we turn our back for one second as our 6-year-old leaps off the couch with total certainty that they can fly. Although these scenarios are not COVID-19 specific, the rate of injuries like these has increased because of the amount of time we are at home. It’s as simple as that.

Now ask yourself, do you know what to do if your child gets an object in their eye? Burns their hand on a hot stove? Or the realization they can’t fly results in a broken leg? The steps you take are critical to minimize the severity of any injury until medical help arrives. Deluxe First Aid Kit

First, be sure that you have a first aid kit that gives you the necessary supplies to assist with multiple types of injuries. We offer a Deluxe First Aid Kit that has the required contents to ensure you will be able to provide initial treatment for burns, wounds, eye injuries, and fractures. If you haven’t yet, this is a must-read: Your Complete First Aid Kit Contents Checklist - 2021 Edition

Having an adequate first aid kit is the first step in being prepared when the inevitable happens, but it’s also knowing how to use its contents correctly to best treat that specific injury or even perform CPR if needed.

Our First Aid Courses give you everything you need to know and the actions to take if something should happen that requires you to step in before help arrives. We hope that you are never in a position where you need to apply all of your knowledge. By simply knowing what to do in an emergency situation will make your home a safer place and give you the ability to confidently address all injuries from minor to severe.

We highly recommend at least one member from each household take one of our Standard First Aid Courses as a minimum requirement.

Standard First Aid

Gain valuable knowledge to apply practical life-saving skills, first aid best practices, and up to date CPR and AED procedures. This 2 day, the hands-on course offers complete guidance to increase your lifesaving skills and the correct steps to take when someone is in need of emergency medical help.

See available dates and sign up here - Standard First Aid Course

Standard First Aid (Blended)

Gain the same valuable knowledge while spending only one day in class with the remainder of the course completed as an online learning tutorial. Although the Standard First Aid Course will offer more hands-on learning, the blended course is a great option to fit into an otherwise busy schedule.

See available dates and sign up here - Standard First Aid Blended Course.

Being ready to handle an injury or knowing the actions to take during an emergency also means that refreshing your knowledge every few years is critical to maintaining your level of preparedness. We would like to invite back any previous course attendees to refresh your knowledge and welcome all new attendees who are ready to take that important step in creating a safer home.

Stay Safe and Healthy out there!