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  • 2020 Handbook of Emergency Cardiovascular Care for Healthcare Provider - First Aid Plus
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2020 Handbook of Emergency Cardiovascular Care for Healthcare Provider

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The 2020 edition of the ECC handbook incorporates the latest science and treatment recommendations from the Heart & Stroke 2020 Guidelines for CPR and ECC. This Heart & Stroke version is localized for Canada's unique clinical health care practice, systems of care, and pharmacology.

This key reference tool is a requirement for each student in all Advanced Life Support courses and is highly popular among healthcare professionals for use in clinical practice. It provides convenient, quick access to the latest resuscitation science and treatment information. It is often included on hospital crash carts and is accessed frequently in the field by EMS and other first responders.  

The handbook is organized by basic life support and advanced life support for adult, pediatric and neonatal resuscitation. The handbook provides algorithms, protocols, sequences, drug dosages, and much more.  

The ECC Handbook is for instructors teaching and providers taking a Heart & Stroke BLS, ACLS, ACLS-EP, PALS or PEARS course. Additionally, personnel in emergency, intensive care, or critical care departments, emergency medical care providers, and regulators and policymakers will benefit from this resource. The handbook is accessed frequently in the field and in facilities by healthcare professionals.

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  • 2020 ECC Handbook  - English, Print

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