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  • Close up of CSA Z1220-17 Type 1 Personal First Aid Kit Products
  • Close up of CSA Z1220-17 Type 1 Personal First Aid Kit Products
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CSA Type 1 First Aid Kit

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CSA Type 1 First Aid Kit: Your Essential Safety Companion

When it comes to workplace safety, there's no room for compromise. Whether you're working in isolation or simply don't have easy access to a comprehensive first aid kit, the CSA Type 1 Personal First Aid Kit is designed to meet your needs. At First Aid Plus, we prioritize your safety, and this kit is a testament to that commitment.

Meeting and Exceeding Safety Standards

Our CSA Type 1 Personal First Aid Kit is meticulously crafted to meet and exceed CSA Z1220-17 workplace first aid kit requirements. You can trust that it contains the necessary tools to address minor injuries and incidents effectively. With this kit by your side, you'll have the peace of mind knowing that you're fully equipped to handle unexpected situations.

  • CSA Type 1 Personal First Aid Kits are required for all workers who work in isolation or those who do not otherwise have access to a workplace first aid kit.

Product attributes:

  • Comes in a nylon bag or plastic case

Kit Contents:

16 - Adhesive bandages, sterile, assorted sizes 

6 - Antiseptic wound cleansing towelette 

4 - Hand/skin cleansing towelette 

6 - Gauze pad, sterile, individually wrapped (3” x 3”) 

1 - Conforming stretch bandage (3” x 2 yd) 

2 - Compress/pressure dressing with ties, sterile (4” x 4”) 

1 - Triangular bandage, cotton, with 2 safety pins 

1 - Adhesive tape (1” x 2.5 yd) 

1 - Emergency blanket 

2 - Examination gloves, disposable 

1 - Biohazard waste disposal bag, single use 

1 - Splinter forceps/tweezers, fine point, stainless steel 

1 - Contents list

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