International Trauma Life Support (ITLS)

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Course Description: ITLS Provider includes 8 hours of classroom instruction, 8 hours of hands-on skills training, and testing for ITLS Basic or Advanced certification. Innovative skills stations let you practice the abilities appropriate for your level of certification.

Intended Audience: With its comprehensive approach to core knowledge and skills, ITLS Provider is appropriate for all levels of both Pre-Hospital Personnel— (First Responders, Emergency Medical Responders, Firefighters, PCP, ACP, CCP, Wilderness and industrial medical staff) to In-Hospital/Clinic personnel (ER/ICU/Trauma nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, and physicians).

Course Prerequisites: None

Course Overview:
Course content:

  • Scene Size-up
  • Trauma Assessment and Management
  • Airway Management
  • Thoracic Trauma
  • Shock
  • Head Trauma
  • Spinal Trauma
  • Abdominal Trauma
  • Extremity Trauma
  • Burns
  • Pediatric Trauma
  • Geriatric Trauma
  • Trauma in Pregnancy
  • The Impaired Patient
  • Trauma Arrest
  • Standard Precautions

Skills Stations:

  • Assessment skills
  • Airway skills
  • Thoracic trauma skills
  • Vascular access skills
  • Spine management skills
  • Extremity trauma skills


  • Written Exam
  • Practical Exam

Course duration (time/days): 16 hours (in-class 2 days)
Certification: Valid for 3 years after the course completion

Course Materials:
The books and materials for the ITLS course are not mandatory. However, the book will give you more knowledge and a higher chance to pass ITLS course.
The responsibility of obtaining the textbook is up to you, the participant, and is not included in the course.
The course’s manual is the International Trauma Life Support Book 9th Edition (ITLS Book 9th Edition)
The textbook can be purchased at our office 301 Moodie Drive, Unit 101, Nepean, ON, K2H 9C4 on weekdays 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., or ordered through our website: (ITLS Book 9th Edition) International Trauma Life Support Book 9th Edition | First Aid Plus | Medical Book | Ottawa (

This manual can also be purchased on Amazon.

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  • International Trauma Life Support Course (ITLS Course)
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Customer Reviews

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Claire (South Gower, CA)

Course content was very helpful for a health care professional moving from a community setting to more acute health care. After the course I am feeling much more confident about the management of various life threatening conditions.

The instructions, Rick, was fantastic! Great at breaking down complex physiological processes and providing a structured process to manage traumatic injuries. Lots of great examples from his career, very personal, and provided simulations that helped bring it all together in a realistic way (without being intimidating)!

International Trauma Life Support (ITLS)

Excellent application of adult learning theory. Great use of practical examples. Incorporated and respected previous experiences of participants. Made for a smooth and fast paced course rather than a ‘death by power point’ approach. Would love to see this format replicated at future courses. The focus on skill station and application of trauma surveys made an enjoyable and practical course.