Standard First Aid (SFA) - RECERTIFICATION

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Course Description: This one day Standard First Aid Recertification course is specifically for those who have a current Standard First Aid Certification that is about to expire. One day of knowledge review and demonstration of first aid/CPR skills will ensure you will be prepared to offer help to anyone in need for another 3 years.

Intended Audience: Those who have a current Canadian Red Cross Standard First Aid certificate that is about to expire

Course Prerequisites: Participant must have current Canadian Red Cross Standard First Aid Certification that is about to expire. Your card cannot be expired (it expires 3 years to the day after it was issued).


NOTE: You would have to bring the old certificate to the class (printed or a copy on the phone). If your certificate is ALREADY expired, you would have to take a full Standard First Aid course.

Course Overview:
Course content:

  • The Red Cross
  • Preparing to respond
  • The EMS system
  • Check, Call, Care
  • Airway emergencies
  • Breathing and Circulation emergencies
  • First aid for respiratory and cardiac arrest
  • Wound care
  • Head and spine injuries
  • Bone, muscle, and joint injuries
  • Sudden Medical Emergencies
  • Environmental Emergencies
  • Poisons

Course duration (time/days): 6.5–7.5 hours in-class (1 day in-class); includes CPR Level A, Level C and AED
Certification: 3-year certification in Standard First Aid, CPR Level C, and AED

All our courses come with CPR LEVEL C at NO EXTRA COST

What is the difference between CPR Level A and CPR level C?
CPR level A is usually required at work to meet workplace health and safety requirements. CPR level A involves skills related to CPR, choking and circulatory emergencies just for adults. It only takes just a few hours to learn. In most cases, for CPR purposes, an adult is 8 years old and older. This certification also includes training on how to use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED).

CPR level C is usually required by early childhood educators, security guards or just about anyone who doesn’t work in healthcare. CPR level C covers all the skills related to CPR, choking and circulatory emergencies for adult (just like CPR level A), but in addition to that it also covers these techniques for a child, and infants. It also includes a training for the two-rescuer CPR and how to use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED).

Course Materials:
Included in the course:

  • First Aid & CPR (eBook)
  • Comprehensive Guide to First Aid & CPR (eBook)

(Hard copy can be purchased, but it is not included in the course)

Covid-19 Update:
First Aid recertification (participant levels)
Certifications that expire between March 1, 2020, and March 1, 2021, could attend a recertification course until March 31, 2021. This extended window allows those with expired certifications the opportunity to recertify as facilities reopened and training resumed.

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Customer Reviews

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Please keep this training experience and the students will always leave with maximum knowledge th...

Instructor Did extremely well in hands on training approach he let us do CPR over and over on dummy adult and baby dummy so that way he insured we new what to do from beginning to the end of each case .

Standard First Aid (Recertification)

I just wanted to say a big thanks to Crystal for being a great instructor, for being so passionate, for being so supportive and for caring for the students and training them. Thank you for allowing us to question without judging for giving us the time we need to understand things and for caring about both what you’re teaching and how you teach it. Thank you so much for making the CPR course super fun! I learned a lot and benefited from your course!
Again, thank you so much for your time and patience and for facilitating such a positive learning environment! You definitively love to teach. I really enjoyed this class I will remember those forever!

Standard First Aid Recertification

Our instructor was awesome. He made it a really enjoyable and informative class. It was my favorite class and I have been to many over the years.